Biocompatible Chemistry

Interfacing Chemical Catalysis with Engineered Microbes for Expanding Biomass-Sourced Materials

We are interfacing catalytic upgrading reactions with microbial production of chemical building blocks in single-flask processes. This will greatly expand the types of products that can be sourced from biomass while minimizing toxicity and increasing flux through the system. Learn more

Dynamic Biomaterials

Cell-Activated Soft Materials

To close the gap between the environments in which cells are grown for research purposes and the cytoarchitecture they experience in native tissue, we are working toward dynamic hydrogels that can serve as three-dimensional cell culture matrices and soft materials that can act as cell-activated wound-healing materials. Learn more

Molecular Imaging

Self-Immolative Probes for Spatial Mapping of Cellular Reactive Oxygen Species

Drawing on established chemistry in the field of bioconjugation, as well as new chemistry established in the Domaille lab, we are developing new chemical triggers that covalently tag proteins directly involved in ROS generation. This will enable us to better understand the spatial distribution of cellular ROS so we can identify key players in ROS signaling pathways. Learn more

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