Chemical Biology & Organic Chemistry

The Domaille lab is a chemical biology lab in the Department of Chemistry at the Colorado School of Mines. Using principles from organic chemistry, engineering, and materials science, we develop tools and processes that address critical concerns in the fields of energy and human health and disease. Our research is focused on biocompatible chemistry for biomass conversion, dynamic covalent soft materials to aid in wound healing, and self-immolative probes for tracking proteins involved in oxidative biology.

August 2022
Congratulations to Dr. Kelsey Stewart, who successfully defended her Ph.D. dissertation on biocompatible chemistry! Kelsey will start her new position at W.L Gore and Associates in Flagstaff, AZ in September.
Congratulations to Dr. Gun Su Han, who successfully defended his Ph.D. dissertation on oxidatively activated cargo release! Gun will stay on as a post-doc for the next few months before moving onto his new position.

July 2022
New publication
Congratulations to Gun for his paper in Journal of Materials Chemistry B that connects arylboronic acid reactivity to material properties! Check it out here.
June 2022
New award
Dylan was named a Beckman Young Investigator by the Arnold and Mabel Beckman Foundation!

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