Chemical Biology & Organic Chemistry

The Domaille lab is a chemical biology lab in the Department of Chemistry at the Colorado School of Mines. Using principles from organic chemistry, engineering, and materials science, we develop tools and processes that address critical concerns in the fields of energy and human health and disease. Our research is focused on biocompatible chemistry for biomass conversion, dynamic covalent soft materials to aid in wound healing, and self-immolative probes for tracking proteins involved in oxidative biology.

April 2022
Invited talk
Dylan gave a seminar at the Department of Chemistry at the University of Northern Colorado covering the group’s discoveries in biocompatible chemistry and diazaborine chemistry. Thanks for the invite!
March 2022
New publication
Kelsey’s work combining organocatalysis with eukaryotic whole cell biocatalysts and isolated enzymes was published in Reaction Chemistry and Engineering! You can check it out here.
ACS Meeting
Dylan gave a talk at the ACS Meeting in San Diego on the group’s work in biocompatible chemical reactions.

February 2022
New funding
Thank you to NSF CBET for funding our work to develop new catalyst scaffolds for biocompatible chemistry!
January 2022
New publication
Jack, Gun, and Angela’s work in collaboration with Julian and Shubham was published in Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry! You can check it out here.
Congratulations to Kendyll Hawkins, who successfully defended her M.S. thesis in the QBE program!
October 2021
Paper highlight
Kelsey and Emily’s paper on biocompatible catalysis was used to highlight lysine in ACS Molecule of the Week! Check it out here.
September 2021
New members
Welcome to Campbell Andersen, joining the group as a USAF-funded MS student to work on biocompatible chemistry, and to Lauren Kelly (MURF), Ryan Pfeffer (MURF), and Kevin Huang, who will be working on biomaterials for redox biology! 
August 2021
New publication
Congratulations to Jack and Gun on their work showing how diazaborines enable enhanced discrimination between hydrogen peroxide and peroxynitrite! The ChemRxiv preprint is here.

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