Chemical Biology & Organic Chemistry

The Domaille lab is a chemical biology lab in the Department of Chemistry at the Colorado School of Mines. Using principles from organic chemistry, engineering, and materials science, we develop tools and processes that address critical concerns in the fields of energy and human health and disease. Our research is focused on biocompatible chemistry for biomass conversion, dynamic covalent soft materials to aid in wound healing, and self-immolative probes for tracking proteins involved in oxidative biology.

April 2023
Off to graduate school
Congratulations to Domaille lab undergraduate Lauren Kelly, who will be attending the University of Utah for her PhD!

Congratulations to Domaille lab undergraduate alumnus Gabe Adriano, who was awarded an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship! Gabe will be pursue his PhD at Carnegie Mellon University, where he will explore the interface between machine learning and chemistry.

Graduation and new position
Congratulations to Jack Haggett, who successfully defended his PhD dissertation! Jack will be moving to the La Jolla Institute for Immunology for a postdoctoral position with Sam Myers.
March 2023
New postdoctoral scholar
Welcome to Dr. Dinesh Kumar! Dr. Kumar graduated with his doctorate from Prof. Daniel Gryko’s group at the Polish Academy of Sciences and will add valuable expertise in fluorophore design and synthesis acumen to the group.
February 2023
New award
Our group was awarded an NSF CAREER award to develop diazaborine-based chemical tools and platforms! These research efforts will be merged with outreach activities to improve student skills in scientific communication.

New publication
Kelsey, Kendyll, and Campbell’s paper on one-pot cascade reactions to synthesize dinitroalkanes from alcohols is published! Check it out here.

Graduation and new position
Mr. Campbell Andersen successfully defended his MS thesis and will begin his new position at the Air Force Research Laboratory in Dayton, OH! Look for his upcoming work on biocompatible Pictet-Spengler annulations.
January 2023
New group member
Welcome to Katie Mann, our group’s newest undergraduate researcher!
December 2022
New position
We bid farewell to Dr. Gun Su Han, who will begin his new position at Tessera Therapeutics in Boston, MA!

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